What will it be like to gaze upon Christ? How shall we feel then, as our dream is lifted and we awake at the beginning of all new things?

I imagine that it will be very much like gazing at a sunrise.

There is something mysteriously breathtaking about this phenomenon. Its aesthetic splendor is most apparent – but the mind is quieted, and the heart warmed, by something more. It is enough to not know the answer. One does not need a reason for marveling at such a thing. Yet there is indeed a beauty to it that reaches past the eye. How can this be described?

It is the seamless joining of two realities.

The soft, tenderness of night meets the bright, glory of day in a single moment.



Meekness and majesty are one.

A wholly captivating sight.

How much more it will be on that Day – when the mask is lifted, and the wonders of this world are given a face. That we will see meekness and might personified. Our suffering Savior will also be our courageous King. Glory and tenderness perfectly joined in Jesus.

It is a beauty that will make a sunrise appear as a mere painting – a depiction only intended to highlight the reality.

Amidst the troubles of this world, I cannot help but wait in eager anticipation for this Day. For now though, we must press on as we share in this eternal hope – to redeem what has been broken, find what has been lost, and seek Christ’s face in every situation… and every sunrise.


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