Jonathan Edwards is often considered America’s greatest theologian. Yet for all of his notoriety, the most ambitious of Edwards’ works did not reach fruition. Just before his death, Edwards recorded his plans to create a comprehensive theological masterpiece. This work, called “The History of the Work of Redemption,” was designed to tell the history of mankind through the lens of God’s ultimate redemptive plan.

This site does not pretend to undertake such a project. As many people are quick to point out, Edwards was a brilliant but flawed human being. Many of his theological concepts, as well as his Providentialist approach to history, are justifiably criticized by modern audiences. However, Edwards’ overarching idea that all of history is moving toward the fulfillment of God’s redemptive plan is one that remains crucial for a Christian understanding of the world.


The purpose of this site is to bring a redemptive perspective to all areas of life – from simple meditations on daily living to questions about the nature of history and theology.

After all, if the Work of Redemption is going to take place in our society, it must first take place inside of us.