An Incarnation Meditation

An incarnation meditation:   Before a manger sheltered him… …He was our refuge (Ps. 46:1-3). Before a star marked his location… …He gave each one their name (Ps. 147:4). Before the Angels told of his coming… …He commanded their armies (Ps. 91:11). Before the shepherds visited him… …He was the Shepherd of his people (Ps. … Continue reading An Incarnation Meditation


Book Review: “A Grief Observed”

C.S. Lewis's A Grief Observed is a difficult book to read. It is not Lewis's language, substance, or technicality that make the book difficult, however, but rather the way that it exposes Lewis as a man near the end of himself. Perhaps this is why the book was originally published under a pseudonym. In less than … Continue reading Book Review: “A Grief Observed”

Book Review: “The Glory of Christ”

R.C. Sproul's The Glory of Christ is profoundly unoriginal and simplistic. And for these reasons, it is a fantastic book. Sproul, one of the great Reformed theologians of the modern era, allows his own thoughts and viewpoints to take a backseat to the biblical narrative. Progressing through Jesus' life chronologically, Sproul sprinkles the New Testament stories with … Continue reading Book Review: “The Glory of Christ”

Book Review: “The Idea of a Christian Society”

T.S. Elliot's short work, The Idea of a Christian Society, keenly addresses foundational issues of a conundrum that has plagued the Church for many years - Christianity and government. Based off of a lecture series given in 1939, Elliot argues that a state-mandated Christian society is the best way for a nation to thrive. With … Continue reading Book Review: “The Idea of a Christian Society”