Book Review: “Paul: A Biography”

All that is known about the Apostle Paul exists in the few texts given to us in the New Testament. Yet N.T. Wright, in his biography of the famed religious figure, manages to fill almost 500 pages with insightful information about Paul's life. Considering Paul's monumental effect on world history, 500 pages may hardly be … Continue reading Book Review: “Paul: A Biography”


An Incarnation Meditation

An incarnation meditation:   Before a manger sheltered him… …He was our refuge (Ps. 46:1-3). Before a star marked his location… …He gave each one their name (Ps. 147:4). Before the Angels told of his coming… …He commanded their armies (Ps. 91:11). Before the shepherds visited him… …He was the Shepherd of his people (Ps. … Continue reading An Incarnation Meditation

Book Review: “The Glory of Christ”

R.C. Sproul's The Glory of Christ is profoundly unoriginal and simplistic. And for these reasons, it is a fantastic book. Sproul, one of the great Reformed theologians of the modern era, allows his own thoughts and viewpoints to take a backseat to the biblical narrative. Progressing through Jesus' life chronologically, Sproul sprinkles the New Testament stories with … Continue reading Book Review: “The Glory of Christ”

Book Review: “The Idea of a Christian Society”

T.S. Elliot's short work, The Idea of a Christian Society, keenly addresses foundational issues of a conundrum that has plagued the Church for many years - Christianity and government. Based off of a lecture series given in 1939, Elliot argues that a state-mandated Christian society is the best way for a nation to thrive. With … Continue reading Book Review: “The Idea of a Christian Society”